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Aims and Vision for ScienceFest

The aims of the PUSD Science Fest as agreed by the organizing committee are:

  • Showcase the scientific, engineering, medical and technology dependent organizations and industries in and around the local community and raise environmental awareness

  • Highlight the interrelationships between STEM and non-STEM industries and the dependence of each on one another

  • Demonstrate the science and technology dependent educational and career pathways that are open to PUSD students and inspire the PUSD student communities about the possibilities of related careers

  • Highlight the contributions to science and technology by members of underrepresented groups

  • Empower students to pursue their interests in STEM fields by showcasing their successes thus far and relevance of their learning to STEM and associated careers

The goals of the PUSD Science Fest as conveyed from PUSD Leadership are:

  • Demonstrate the relevance of STEM/STEAM in the lives of PUSD students and community

  • Develop a positive STEM/STEAM identity in girls and students of color by highlighting diverse members of the STEM/STEAM community

  • Foster pride in PUSD students by showcasing their STEM/STEAM successes

The vision of the PUSD Science Fest as conveyed from PUSD Leadership is:

  • The PUSD Science Fest is a community event that motivates and inspires PUSD students to pursue STEM/STEAM fields by highlighting college & career pathways and celebrating the successes of our diverse K-12 students.

The values of the PUSD Science Fest as conveyed from PUSD Leadership are:

  • Equity - The process of ensuring equally high outcomes for all students.

  • Access - Removing the predictability of student success or failure in STEM/STEAM based on race, gender and/or other identity markers.

Acceleration - Engaging students in grade level STEM/STEAM learning experiences with support, as needed.

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