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Cal State LA ASME Robotics


Dive into innovation with the ASME Charter Club at CSULA! Engage with engineering pros at conferences like GMIS and explore hands-on projects like 'Reggie,' the C-UASC Drone. Join the adventure and become part of our vibrant engineering community!

The activity/educational experience presented at the science fest is a showcase by the ASME Charter Club at CSU LA, highlighting our commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in engineering among students. Our booth will feature interactive displays and presentations showcasing our participation in prestigious conferences like the GMIS (Great Minds in STEM) Conference and industry tours to facilities like the Supply Frame Lab. Additionally, we will showcase our latest project, the C-USAC Drone Platform named 'Reggie,' which represents cutting-edge innovation in unmanned aerial systems engineering. Through our booth, attendees will gain insights into hands-on learning experiences, networking opportunities, and real-world engineering challenges, empowering them to thrive academically and professionally.



Cal State LA ASME Robotics
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