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Huntington Medical Research Institutes


Nicole Purcell is an associate professor and Scientific Director of Education Programs for HMRI, a nonprofit research institute in Pasadena.

The beginnings of HMRI date back to the early 1950s, with the establishment of two research facilities by two physicians: Pasadena Foundation for Medical Research (PFMR), founded by George Sharp in 1952, and the Institute of Medical Research of Huntington Memorial Hospital (which also housed the Pasadena Neurovascular Foundation), founded by C. Hunter Shelden in 1953. Years of growth and mergers, innovative technologies, scientific breakthroughs and life-changing discoveries have created the HMRI you know today—a world-class biomedical research organization.

Nicole will be hosting medical activities associated with HMRI.


phone: (626) 795-4343

Huntington Medical Research Institutes
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