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Schedule of Events

Events occurring throughout the day include:

  • Pasadena Fire Department - Fire Extinguisher Demos

  • Pasadena Police Department - K-9 Demos

Concessions and refreshments will be available during the ScienceFest.

Scheduled Events

12:00 PM

ScienceFest opens to the public

1:00 PM

Expert Panel Session: ‘Science Communications: What, How and Why.’

Rm. 132, A Building - Sponsored by: DMDS Partners

Hear how complex scientific concepts are communicated to the public, elected officials and policy makers, and public organizations. Learn about the artistic, visual and written creative aspects of science communications, why science communications are important for ensuring the public is informed, for informing law and policy development, and guiding the provision of public services.

2:15 PM

Expert Panel Session: ‘The Contributions Made by Members of Minority Groups in STEM'

Rm. 132, A Building - Sponsored by: D'Veal Family and Youth Services

Hear from a diverse group of highly successful individuals that all represent demographic groups that are underrepresented in STEM industries. Learn about their achievements and the challenges faced during their childhood, education and careers.

5:00 PM

ScienceFest closes

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